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20 MAR

The Bay review – Broadchurch in Morecambe? Come on in, the water’s lovely

by Theguardian

Suspects and police officers with shared secrets? Check. Information wilfully withheld by the writer? Check. Will you be hooked? Check

The Bay (ITV) is Broadchurch in Morecambe. I would even bet half my David Tennant memorabilia collection that was the makers pitch in its entirety. Why not? Its perfect. I would have bought it as a commissioner, and as a viewer I was entirely sold.

We open with mother of teens – and party girl – Lisa (Morven Christie) being collected by her mates for a grand night out that ends with a nightclub, karaoke and a quick shag with a stranger called Sean in an alley. All the best times end with sinking a chlamydia shot before bed.

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