Coronation Street spoilers: Rana Habeeb dies in tragic factory collapse

Rana dies in Coronation Street
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Coronation Street fans have been left devastated by the heartbreaking ending for Rana Habeeb (Bhavna Limbachia) and Kate Connor (Faye Brookes) after Rana was left dead after entering the collapsed factory.

Kate had been waiting for her bride to arrive on their wedding day but their happy ending wasn’t to be as fate had a cruel fate in store for them.

The factory roof gave way after Carla Connor (Alison King) ignored advice to have it replaced and now the news of Rana’s death has left her shattered by guilt – and Kate overwhelmed with grief.

Shockwaves spread through the community in the wake of the disaster and soon blame will fly – but what Carla doesn’t realise is that the accident was anything but – someone deliberately sabotaged Underworld’s roof and so has her blood on their hands.

The tear jerking scenes have marked the end of the long running and popular ship Kana, which saw Rana struggle with her sexuality and with finding acceptance from her devout Muslim family who disapproved of her decision.



She also had to break the heart of her husband Zeedan in the process and keep up the pretence of a fake marriage for the benefit of her mum and dad.

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Since then, her dad has died but despite getting closer to mum Saira again, she was heartbroken when she refused to attend the wedding.

As if that hadn’t been enough drama for Kate and Rana’s long journey, the pair were at odds after their engagement over whether to have a baby and it drove Kate to try and seduce Adam Barlow for his sperm – something which led to the tempoarary split of the couple.

Fans were frustrated when just weeks into their reunion, newcomer Lolly tried to break them up again and now they are over for good as Rana has been confirmed as the victim in the Underworld collapse tragedy.

Some fans have been hitting out at Corrie, who previously killed off Sophie Webster’s girlfriend Maddie Heath in an explosion, for following a trope in televised fiction of culling lesbian characters.


The aftermath of the tragedy will see the spotlight firmly placed on a shattered Carla – but for Kana fans, a very sad ending to the story is likely to resonate for some time.

Bhavna made the decision to leave and pursue other roles and her fans are keen to see which projects she will tackle next. She poured huge research and supported charities involved when researching the storyline of Rana’s crisis with her sexuality and her religion, work she continues to be involved in even now, post Corrie.



For Kate, life has been changed forever – can she get through this so soon after the loss of Aidan? And will she blame Carla for the death of her soulmate?

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