Woman shocked to find the size eight dress she ordered only fits her leg

Caption: Pretty Little Things Size 8 dress only fits woman’s leg julia magowan @_JuliaMagowan

Another day, another frustrating fashion fail.

Yet again, someone’s had an issue with sizing after ordering an item online.

Julia Magowan, 21, ordered the £18 Black Mesh Ruched Dress from PrettyLittleThing in her usual size eight.

She was shocked to find that the dress – in a size she usually wears – simply didn’t fit.

The dress was so small, said Julia, that she couldn’t pull the dress over her thighs, and it instead fit just one of her legs.

She wrote on Twitter: ‘PLT how do you expect me to fit my body into this supposed size 8 dress??

‘Can just about fit my left leg in it, what a joke!

Pretty Little Things Size 8 dress only fits woman's leg julia magowan @_JuliaMagowan
(Picture: @_JuliaMagowan)

‘Update: fits nicely around my leg.’

We don’t think Julia wanted a dress just for her leg, so we can see why she’s a tad annoyed.

Pretty Little Things Size 8 dress only fits woman's leg julia magowan @_JuliaMagowan
(Picture: @_JuliaMagowan)

On the PrettyLittleThing website, a 5ft 8 model is shown wearing the dress in a size six… and it seems to fit perfectly well.



‘Get ready for the weekend with your bestie,’ reads the product description, ‘featuring a nude material with a mesh overlay and ruched detailing. Style with barely-there strappy heels for that weekend worthy look.’

We reached out to PrettyLittleThing for comment, but haven’t heard back yet.

This isn’t the first time fashion brands have been called out for inconsistent sizing.

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Last week a woman shared a photo of size 12 jeans from different shops, showing just how wildly the measurements can vary.

Back in February another customer said she could only fit one leg into a size 10 PrettyLittleThing dress.

Boohoo has previously been called out for labeling size eight clothes as ‘large’.

Clothes shopping is hard enough – trying to find stuff you can afford, that looks good, and that suits your style is tricky – but discrepancies in sizing throw in a massive challenge.

How are we supposed to confidently buy clothes we like if a size that fits us in one store is teeny-tiny in another?

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