Passenger films moment helicopter he’s on plummets to the ground

This is the terrifying moment when a helicopter crashed into a wall of ice, leaving passengers with life-changing injuries.

The jet collided into the Khan Tengri mountain when the pilot apparently had difficult landing the aircraft at a glacier base camp.

In the footage, filmed by a passenger on board, you can see the helicopter flying over the mountain region before it hits something, causing the camera to go out of focus.

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A passenger can be seen urging the other travellers to duck down with a hand gesture, while one woman appears to follow the order and lie on the floor.

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The camera then bounces up and down before everything goes black for a few seconds.



When sunlight floods through the aircraft, the camera steadies, showing passengers in shock and bleeding.

The video starts with a view over the Khan Tengri mountain (Picture: Newsflare)
The helicopter appears to hit something and the passengers duck down (Picture: Newsflare)
Everything goes black before the filmer focuses the camera lens again (Picture: Newsflare)

The person filming heads outside and walks along the ground, where blood can be seen splattered on the rocks.

The crash occurred on July 9 2018, when the pilot lost control of the jet and collided into a wall of ice, causing it to roll down sideways until it came to a stop next to a small glacier lake.

No one on board was killed in the crash, however, four members were left with life-threatening injuries, including one woman, from Poland, who is now paralysed from the chest down.

Following the crash the passengers can be seen looking in shock with many bleeding (Picture: Newsflare)
The person filming goes outside the crashed jet to inspect where they have crashed (Picture: Newsflare)

The filmer, who is only known as David said: ‘The panic set in when I felt the stinging of kerosene around my feet as my shoes were being drenched in it and the fear of being burnt alive at any second made me struggle even harder.’

There were believed to be 13 people on board, including the crew, with passengers from Germany, Poland and Japan.

Luckily while rolling down the ice wall the helicopter hit a rock that managed to puncture a hole in the cabin where the tourists and tour officials managed to escape the wreckage.



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