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Submitting a press release to a PR distribution service is one of the smartest things you could do. It is an affordable way to showcase your expertise and get your name and product in front of thousands of reader and journalists. However, for some writers this is a scary thought because they don’t know where to start from. Here are 5 steps that you can follow to get online exposure for your press release and news.

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The first thing you should do is to choose an area related to your expertise. Press release is not always about the boring topics you see on the news. The best press release is the one that talks about a common problem that you can creatively tie to your business. You should think about your client and the recurring problems that they encounter. You can write about this.

Then give a solution in three steps. You should take a look at the topic of your press release and think about an easy methodological way you can write about to assist people to solve this problem. Adhering to this format gives the journalists you submit the release to an easy way to weave your release into their stories because they don’t have to sieve through a lot of self promotional topic. Journalists don’t really want to promote you; they want to give to their audience an interesting story which is what you should provide for them through your press release.

In addition, you need to write in a press release format. There is lot of information online that even complicates how to write a press release. The easiest way you can go about this is to go to a directory like PitchEngine, find a release you like and then use it as a guideline for your own press release. You must carefully follow the format to make sure that you don’t leave out any vital piece of information like your contact info.

. Then you submit your press release to a directory which is the first step to get people to read it. Each directory has its own desired format on how to write a press release, so carefully read the format of the directory you want to use and follow it before submitting your release.

Lastly, you will have to promote the press release yourself. Once your press release is published, there is still work that you have to do. Link your press release to your Twitter followers and Facebook fans so that they can see it. Get this release to as many bloggers as you can because you definitely want them to write about you so as to boost your credibility and get in front of their readers who are your potential clients.

Why don’t you submit your article free of charge at Newswire Now so that we can lead you at every step of the way?