How does Newswire Now work?

News Wire Now (NWN) provides practical solutions for companies, organizations, businesses as well as public sector agencies to promote their Press Releases. The working of NWN is very easy. All you have to do is to contact us with your article or press release. These   Press Releases will be syndicated to a wide range of news and financial and media thus they can boost their brand and objectives. NWN press release distribution will be of immense help to you achieve online presence and convey your messages across the web. At NNW, we follow your plan and give you as coverage as you may want. This means that your plan will determine the number of outlets publish your Press Release. The minimum websites that will publish your PR are 50 while the maximum may exceed 300. NNW is affiliated to both local and international media outlets like; Moscow News Daily, Woman Mail Newspaper, Vegas News Today, International Africa, Fox 24 News, Berlin Tomorrow News,  News Today just to mention a few. Getting your press release to local and international media is therefore not a problem. If you are not sure if the services we offer will suit your needs you can simply publish a web release free of charge to determine if we suit your needs before you subscribe. We charge as little as $90 for a single press release unlike most of our competitors that charges over £300. And the good thing about our charges is that it reduces considerably if you choose a yearly or monthly plan. There is also a free trial. Here, your press release will be distributed to at least 15 media outlets and you can also include a video. Monthly subscription is also available for small and medium companies and large enterprises. For small companies, the following are covered; 15 media outlets, social media distribution, auto post to Twitter and Facebook, publish notification through email, Google and Yahoo listing all for 250 pounds.

For medium enterprises, the following are covered; distribution to at least 180 media outlets, emailing the UK, Europe and world journalists all for 350 pounds. For large enterprises, the following services are covered; published in at least180 media outlets, social media distribution is covered, you can add up to 4 images, you can add video, auto post to Facebook and Twitter account, publish notification via email, 4-12 hours clear time, publication and visibility report, emailing UK, Europe and world journalists, Google and Yahoo listing are covered all for 690 pounds.

Before publishing your press release, Newswire Now reviews it to make sure your writing is sound and free of any spelling or grammar mistakes. This review will also make sure that your PR is free of any defamation or smearing phrases etc.  News Wire Now is also affiliated to a lot of news media so that if you wish to mainstream your press release, it can be easily done.