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21 MAR

Games Inbox: Microsoft and Nintendo team-up, Nindies showcase reaction, and Konami hate

by Metro

Im looking forward to Stadia. No idea if Ill adopt it or not, but its a new concept and I always like to try new things and to see how they disrupt existing things.

Generally, subscription services are financially beneficial to heavy users, which rightly or wrongly Ive assumed is most people here. If it means we can cut out the cost of a console, its accessories and the actual games, and be in a position where we can all have enough money left over to cover a better Internet subscription then itll change more than games.

If there is an uplift in people getting fibre then ISPs will get more money too, allowing them to improve infrastructure faster and reduce costs, etc.

Of course the other benefit is that we dont just use our Internet for games, it would benefit music, TV and all the rest of it that the whole family and even the house uses these days.

Of course, that only works if Stadia and a better Internet package costs less than the current console, peripherals, games, and existing Internet package. Also, assuming people dont choose to buy another console too. Anyhow, I like change, Im excited to see how this plays out.
Antony White

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