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21 MAR

Facebook Messenger update will make it a lot easier to talk with your friends

by Metro

Facebook has rolled out a new update designed to make it simpler to stay in touch with friends, should you be lucky enough to have any.

The social network is currently in the middle of a process which will see all its messaging services rolled into one chat app to rule them all.

This means Instagram kids will be able to chat with WhatsApp users, who will, in turn, get to blether with people on Facebook Messenger.

Now Facebook has given us a little sense of how this all might work.

This screenshot shows how the new feature will work (Image: Facebook)

Its latest update changes the way conversations are carried out, allowing you to reply in a new way.

When you receive a message, all youll need to do is perform a long press on the words and youll be able to respond with gifs, photos, videos or just boring old words.



The replies are then kept neatly and tidily along with the message a user responded to in a thread which should make chat easier to follow.

This feature is likely to prove particularly useful to people lucky enough to have more than one friend in their chat, because it allows them to see whos replying to whom.

Its available in a Messenger update which has started rolling out today.



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