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10 AUG

Transitional government in Sudan must address repressive policies to stop deterioration of life conditions

London – The Sudanese transitional government must address repressive laws and policies to stop the deterioration of life conditions in the

21 MAR

Donald Trump attacks John McCain saying he didn’t get a thank you for funeral

President Donald Trump has escalated his attacks on the Senator John McCain, saying that he gave the long-time politician saying

21 MAR

Cat bite left teenager suicidal after contracting rare infection

A teenager was left believing he was an ‘evil, damned son of the devil’ after he caught a mind-altering bug

21 MAR

Nearly 2,000 hotel guests secretly filmed as they slept and broadcast online

Two men have been arrested after more than 1,600 people were secretly filmed in their hotel rooms in South Korea.

21 MAR

Petition website crashes after more than 600,000 demand Article 50 be revoked

A petition to cancel Brexit and for the UK to remain in the EU and revoke Article 50 has been

21 MAR

Two bodies found on tracks after being electrocuted on London train line

Two bodies have been found on the train tracks between Hackney Wick and Stratford in London. Both people died from

21 MAR

Jeremy Corbyn refused Brexit talks to save ‘breathing same air as Chuka Umunna’

Jeremy Corbyn has been told to ‘get a grip’ after he walked out of cross-party Brexit talks last night when

21 MAR

Sex worker goes viral for licking aeroplane toilet in ‘gross’ Twitter video

An American sex worker has stunned the internet by filming themselves licking an aeroplane toilet. Twitter user ‘grimiestt’, who calls

21 MAR

Dyson launches gadgets to clean air and provide ‘natural’ light alongside new vacuum

Alongside a new cordless vacuum cleaner, Dyson has announced a couple of new gadgets to ‘support your wellbeing’. These include

21 MAR

Facebook Messenger update will make it a lot easier to talk with your friends

Facebook has rolled out a new update designed to make it simpler to stay in touch with friends, should you

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