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Is this effective Service?

NWN service allows you to have considerable publication of your story, product or view.

How many websites will publish my PR?

Your plan will determine the number of outlets publish your Press Release. The minimum websites that will publish your PR is 50 while the maximum may exceed 300.

Can i try the service before i subscribe?

Yes, you may publish a press release free of charge thus you can check the outcome.

How much will it cost per Press Release?

While other News Wire Services charge you $300-$500 per press release; we aim at providing competitive prices. You can only pay $90 per press release. If you choose a yearly or monthly plans the price will drop considerably.

Can Mainstream Media publish my PR?

If you wish mainstream Media to pick your PR, talk to our team to see best available package.

Can you publicize my PR to social Media?

Your PR will be syndicated to dozens of Social Media accounts related to news websites.

Will this service help my name/brand?

Certainly, our PR distribution service will make your brand seen and heard of widely.

What about Content Review?

We will review your PR to make sure your writing is sound and free of any spelling or grammar mistakes. Our review will also make sure that your PR is free of any defamation or smearing phrases etc.

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