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07 MAR

UNMISS deploys more troops in Jonglei to protect civilians from intercommunal violence

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UN peacekeepers have been deployed in a number of recently conflict-ridden areas in Jonglei, including Pibor, Gumuruk, Manyabol and Likwanguelei, to protect civilians from clashes between armed groups from different communities.

“They have abducted my three children and my younger sister. My husband was killed, and all the cattle were raided,” said Mary Gordon, a survivor of the ongoing intercommunal violence.

Ms. Gordon herself was kidnapped in Manyabol and made to walk for five days with her abductors, who finally released her upon reaching Anyidi in Bor County on Thursday, just minutes before the arrival of the visiting Force Commander of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan, Lieutenant General Shailesh Tinaikar.

Having assessed the security situation and the condition of the approximately 700 displaced people gathered at the Anyidi health care centre, the Force Commander assured the community of continued protection.

“They [UN peacekeepers] will be here until those who have been displaced can safely return to their homes,” he said.

On Friday 6 March, David Shearer, head of the peacekeeping mission, went to Pibor to personally evaluate the situation and talk with key stakeholders in the area.

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