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21 MAR

Sex worker goes viral for licking aeroplane toilet in ‘gross’ Twitter video

by Metro

An American sex worker has stunned the internet by filming themselves licking an aeroplane toilet.

Twitter user grimiestt, who calls themselves Grimy, uploaded the shocking video on March 18, after flying to Barcelona, in Spain.

They captioned the footage: Ive licked a lotta toilets in my day but this was the first that made my tongue go numb, followed by a series of emojis.

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METROGRAB: Airplane passenger filmed themself licking a toilet seat
Grimy shared the footage on Twitter

In the video, shot with a Snapchat filter, Grimy can be seen running their tongue along the toilet seat while maintaining eye contact with the camera.

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The short clip was immediately met with disdain from other social media users, who described it as rank and gross.



Its numb because you just contracted 1200 diseases at once, one person replied.

Another added: This very well might be the worst thing Ive ever laid my eyes upon.

METROGRAB: Airplane passenger filmed themself licking a toilet seat
Social media users described the video as gross and rank
METROGRAB: Airplane passenger filmed themself licking a toilet seat
They later tweeted that they were just a sex worker, working

We always wonder if we”can” but we never wonder if we “should”, a third wrote, while a fourth exclaimed: I cant believe what I see on this app sometimes. Thats enough twitter for today.

Grimy, who identifies as non binary, meaning they are not male or female, later stated that doing disgusting s**t is their brand, adding that theyre just a sex worker, working.

I cant believe twitter made me famous for licking a toilet, they wrote.



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