M&S Easter yoga bunny mocked online for its ‘suggestive’ position

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(Picture: Christian/M&S)

Marks & Spencer usually bring out delightful treats for Easter, but people are baffled by the supermarket’s latest creation.

Introducing the yoga bunny – a milk chocolate design of a hand-decorated bunny doing the downward dog on a mat made from raspberry nips.

The seemingly innocent product has gone viral on Twitter, with people commenting that the rabbit looks like its having a great time.

Some people might say the creation lives up to the phrase ‘shagging like rabbits’.

The M&S Yoga Bunny Easter egg is very “door’s on the latch, find me upstairs.” pic.twitter.com/RWs39APbCY

— MIKE??‍? (@_MP88_) February 13, 2019

The whole shelf of @marksandspencer chocolate Easter bunnies looked like they were having mucho fun times … ???#naughtylittlebunnies pic.twitter.com/wkqw1fBZ6b

— E.s.T.H.e.R. (@EstherLingPhoto) March 20, 2019

It seems #JessicaRabbit’s gone a bit suggestive for #Easter! @marksandspencer #easteregg #rabbit #yoga #chocolate #egg #frome pic.twitter.com/TKdvGGrW9M

— Christian (@lockyerc) March 9, 2019



One user, named Christian, said the rabbit had ‘gone a bit suggestive’.

Marks & Spencer replied with: ‘Suggestive? It’s merely a bunny in the “downwards-facing dog” yoga position, Christian!’

But he wasn’t the only one to use that word to describe the product.

Another Twitter user said: ‘Why do M&S always produce at least one suggestive Easter egg every year? Or is it just my mind.’

Why do M&S always produce at least one suggestive Easter egg every year?

Or is it just my mind ?#MarksAndSpencer #Yoga #Bunny #Easter #Egg pic.twitter.com/zXbU8e35Uz

— Amberoo✨ (@_Amberoo) January 28, 2019

The product is part of a quirky Easter range for 2019 that also includes a prosecco egg, an egg decorated with jazzies and a dark chocolate feather egg.

Other animal designs include the Rock Chick egg, which features a red crown and a pearl necklace, as well as an egg-shaped bull.

You can buy the new Easter range in M&S stores nationwide or online.

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Rude comments aside, the £6 bunny treat is likely to be a hit with yoga lovers and people with a cheeky sense of humour.

But maybe give the kids a regular egg instead.

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