FaceOf: Mohammed Khoja, Saudi fashion designer

Wed, 2019-03-20 23:01

Saudi fashion designer Mohammed Khoja is a self-taught artist and the founder of luxury label Hindamme, which he established in 2016.

Hindamme has a strong presence on the Saudi fashion scene with its “East meets West” trademark, and the brand received international attention when Khoja designed a black bomber jacket with the insignia “June 24, 2018” to celebrate women in the Kingdom being allowed to drive.

The jacket was purchased by the National Museum of World Cultures, in the Netherlands, and Khoja’s work has also been used as course material at the University of Virginia and Bangladesh University.

Hindamme’s first groundbreaking collection “Season I” was launched in 2016, followed by “Season II” in 2017, and “Season III” last year.

Khoja attained his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the American University of Paris in 2011.

Aside from his presence on the fashion scene, Khoja also works closely in the field of arts and culture and has been involved in the planning of several art exhibitions.

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