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26 DEC

Christmas Day around the world in pictures

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26 DEC

A girl is raped by 5 boys, one of whom is 6 years old

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An 8-year-old girl was raped for several months by a gang of teenagers, including a 6-year-old boy, the Mirror reported. ...

26 DEC

Egypt will raise the price of metro tickets 2018

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Egypt will raise the price of subway tickets from July, which will increase the current price to three times for ...

25 DEC

‘Christmas Story’ star reveals how much he still makes off the holiday classic

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Zack Ward in “A Christmas Story” and NowMGM/Bobby Quillard “A Christmas Story” airs around the clock during the holiday season ...

07 DEC

RSS FEED Republication Policy – A Disclaimer

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Newswire Now and its affiliate websites rely on different sources of such as original content, guest posts, free press releases ...

01 JAN

Newswire Now announce its Corporate Social Responsibility Policy & Its non-profit status

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The idea of of launching the Newswire Now PR distribution service stemmed from the need to mitigate the blackout and ...

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